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Normally a two-day hike, Jason and Brad attempt to conquer the Narrows in Zion National Park in a single day. Join the adventure as these two hikers are pitted against one of nature’s most exciting destinations! Brought to you by GeoQuest Technologies, LLC. http://www.geoquesttech.com
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  1. Ian brown
    Ian brown says:

    I hiked this for my second time on friday and both times we did it in less than a day. Its not really that hard It more of a mental chalenge tipe hike because you step on rocks and slip and fall because if the water is deep you cant see under it but it is a good hike I would recomend it

  2. Cody Myers
    Cody Myers says:

    We did this in a day and I don't recommend it. It took us 9 hours. It's tough, but mainly I don't recommend it because it is unbelievably beautiful and you forget to enjoy yourself by trying to make pace for the shuttle back home. Best hike in Zion hands down.

  3. Alex Chamberlain
    Alex Chamberlain says:

    @KristinWetzstein There is a shuttle that you can take back after you reach the bottom, but to start at the top you either have to have someone drop you off at Chamberlain's Ranch or else hire a service that does that.

  4. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    I also want to do this in one day; don't they have a tram that picks you up or gives you a ride to one end or the other? I've hiked 19 miles in a day, so I'm not concerned.

  5. Alex Chamberlain
    Alex Chamberlain says:

    @domsiman, We're locals, so we just had a friend drop us off at Chamberlain's Ranch. It took us about 14 hours to do with all of our camera equipment, etc. You could probably do it faster if you're in decent shape, but your mileage may vary. Good luck with it!


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