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A short look at day hiking the Zion Narrows from the bottom up.
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  1. Phil Armitage
    Phil Armitage says:

    On an out and back day hike it would be extremely hard to get lost – the only side canyon is Orderville which is very obviously not the main canyon (and you can't go that far up Orderville without reaching obstacles). For flood danger I've gone with the NPS forecast at the visitors' center, but going with an experienced group might be wise if you're not confident you'd know when to turn back if the weather changed.

  2. OnTheGoWithCarson
    OnTheGoWithCarson says:

    Hello! Thanks for sharing this video with us! I have a question, did you get a permit to film at Zion? I watched another video and the man in the video said it's really hard to film at Zion now because you have to get a permit and what not. I wouldn't exactly call myself a commercial filmer but I don't want to get in trouble for posting a video on my channel about Zion so could you help me out a bit? Thank you 🙂 


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