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Scenery: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★★

Distance: 16 miles
Duration: 2 days backpacking trip

Hiking the entire trail requires permits even for day hiking.

We booked the shuttle service from Zion Adventure Company (https://www.zionadventures.com) to Zion Narrows Upper Trailhead (https://goo.gl/maps/9tifascEJX12). It costs $37 per person and takes 2 hours. The shuttle is twice per day, 6:30am and 9:30am. I highly recommend 6:30am shuttle if possible because of two reasons. There is no water in the first 3 miles and it could be very hot even in the morning. Second, the campgrounds are less than 10 miles from the trailhead but it can take longer than expected. It took 10 hours for us, not because it’s difficult hike, actually it was very easy, but because it’s so beautiful and there were so many places to play.
It is not recommended to drink the river water even after filtering as it’s muddy and there is a ranch in the upper region. There is a spring near the campsite #12 which is the only reliable water source. I carried 3 liters of water for the first day. I reached the spring easily in the morning second day.
There are 12 campsites along the river. The campsite #1 has outstanding view. All other sites are pretty much the same. The campsite #12 has advantage that it’s close to the spring.

This hike was one of the best hikes in my life. I already want to go back.
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  1. Rich Cornwell
    Rich Cornwell says:

    Hi Yongsung, great video! So if the shuttle left at 6:30 I'm guessing you were on the trail by 9:00. Did it take you 10 hours to get to campsite #1? Also, do you recommend neoprene socks because the water can be cold? Love all your adventurous hikes btw!!


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