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Things YOU need to know before YOU go to Zion National Park in Utah. Zion National Park is big… 229 square miles! Zion’s perpendicular cliffs are nearly 3,000 feet high. Unlike other canyon parks – where many visitors view the canyons from their rims – Zion draws visitors to its floor. Elevation: Lowest 3,666 ft and a high elevation of 8,726 ft at Horse Ranch Mountain.

Admission is for a week
$35 per vehicle
$20 per pedestrian

Getting In:
Zion is located in the South west corner of Utah.
The closest major airports are:
150 Miles from Las Vegas
Or 300 Miles from Salt Lake City
Driving time that’s about 3 hours from Vegas, 4.5 hours from Salt Lake City, or 8 hours from Los Angeles
There’s a couple of other small airports closer by, Saint George is just 49 miles from the park, and Cedar City is 60 miles

In the high season Summer & WInter Holidays, you have to take a shuttle in to the park, so you have to park your car in Springdale.

If you want to drive your car in, most people recommend getting in by 10am before all the lots fill up.

Getting Around:

Springdale operates a shuttle service within the town to take you from your parking lot or hotel to the park entrance.

The NPS operates another shuttle that runs on the scenic drive in the park making 9 stops.

Visitor Information
There are 2 visitor centers, the main one in Springdale, and another, the Kolob Canyon Visitor Center is located off of Interstate 15 at the west entrance of the park


4 options in the park

3 Campgrounds — only the Watchman Campground is open year round

1 Hotel, the Zion Lodge — in 2019 it’s about $220 a night

Reservations for the Lodge can be made up to 13 months in advance. Starting with the 1st of each month, the calendar opens for that whole month in the following year. The Lodge books quickly

But tons of hotels just outside the park in Springdale.

You can also stay in St. George which is about a 45 minute drive from the park.

What to bring:

Everything you need to be in a canyon for day, at least water, sunscreen. You can refill your water in the park at the Zion Lodge, Campgrounds, or Visitors Centre.

And if you’re hungry, the Zion Lodge serves breakfast and dinner… or pack a picnic from the supermarket in Springdale.


Rositas in Springdale — pretty good Santa Fe Style Mexican food


Yes — Zion has a subway! But it’s not a mode of transportation – it’s a hiking trail! It’s so popular, it requires permits in advance that are gained through a lottery. And it’s hard! Think rappelling with 60 feet of rope, and swimming through cold murky water!

When to go:

The park is open year round. Most visitors come during Spring and Fall. Campgrounds March-October. There are fewer visitors December – March (with the exception of Christmas break).

What to do besides hiking:
Horse Back Riding
Ranger Led Activities
River Trips
RIde a bike
Stargazing and the Sunset
And finally
Shopping — there’s a little gift shop at the Visitor Center

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50 replies
  1. RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach2 says:

    @Yellow Productions Chris, do shuttles run to Angel's Landing in December? I asked another YouTuber who made a video about Angel's Landing, that question. He mentioned that during winter months, the shuttle does not run. He also mentioned that when it's not running, hikers are allowed to driver their vehicles to the Angel's Landing trailhead. Can you confirm this or tell me if it's wrong information? Are there parking spots for privately owned vehicles at the trailhead? I'm asking because my preference is to get a very early morning start on this hike in early December, when chances are that few people will be on the trail, in order to avoid congestion on the trail. Thanks for making this video.

  2. blah
    blah says:

    I think one misleading thing is when websites and vloggers/youtubers talk about how you need to book so many months in advance.

    I plan to go this November and am able to find 10-15 hotels inside the actual Zion park for 60-220 a night. You can get a hotel that's normally 220 for 90 in November.

    To be clear, November is 1-2 months away.. 🙂

  3. Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder says:

    #11 Thing to know. Don't annoy the locals by pronouncing it Zi on'. it's Zi' un, like lion. If you ride the shuttle you'll hear it pronounced correctly. Please pay attention.

  4. S K
    S K says:

    Also, if you do The Narrows Top Down in one day, expect to be out of commission for a day or two (as well possibly losing toenails due to getting your feet smashed repeatedly among the slippery rocks). Great video 😃

  5. S K
    S K says:

    I think viewers should know the plank shelf bridge you were on in the Canyon Overlook trail looks super rickety and if you have a fear of heights, be warned!!

  6. buggabuggaboy
    buggabuggaboy says:

    This is NOT helpful at all. But thanks for letting me know how I can book a room thirteen mo that in advance and what state the park is actually in. I always wanted to know that and could never figure it out!

  7. Simon Broddle
    Simon Broddle says:

    We stayed at the Arrowhead Cabins at Mt Carmel, UT. Lovely cabins and a great breakfast and nice and close to Zion and Bryce Canyon. A great location right in the middle of the Utah parks area.

  8. William Perry
    William Perry says:

    These premier American national parks in this age of mass tourism have become insanely overcrowded. If you are looking for peace, quiet and solitude to commune with nature, don't come here. Las Vegas, the next day, seemed less congested and hectic than Zion.

  9. Angeandrowan A
    Angeandrowan A says:

    Omgsh, u have become my FAVORITE travel vlogger on Youtube! We are heading out West in the summer and it'll be 1/2 my family's first time past the Ohio Valley. So, to say we're stoked is an understatement! But none of us have been to Zion ever so this was SUPER helpful. Thank u SO MUCH! Also, your series on Vegas was AMAZING! and now I feel totally prepared for our trip. Thanks again for doing the prepping and planning for all of us. You're the best!

  10. Rick Rack
    Rick Rack says:

    Nice… the touch of snow looks good too. I got lucky and tent camped there not knowing the issues of parking/camping/lodging….. Someone was a NO SHOW, so I got in and stayed 2 nights!!! Hey, you forgot the two parts worthy of a drive and some hiking…. which are not inside the ticket gates. I forgot the names right now, but one enters from the south on a road west of the Zion valley and the other is off Route 15?….. which is a road entering on the west side going to the east… a real nice DRIVE with photo opportunities. I had no time for hiking there though, but imagine one can hike East to the Zion Canyon West rim.

  11. denzelsnipes69
    denzelsnipes69 says:

    An easy way to get there is to take a vacation to Las Vegas and then go to Zion by riding a shuttle that goes from one of the Vegas tour companies to Zion. The one I went on also took me to Bryce Canyon National Park. You just have to be prepared to spend the whole day in Utah.

  12. Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine says:

    The Bureau of Land Mgmt office 345 E. Riverside Dr is a great place to get info and maps on the SW Utah area. Sadly, the County supervisors don't believe in the beauty of Washington County, UT. Look At how they desecrated St. George by allowing the building of houses on the mesa top right of off exit 8 St George Blvd, in St. George, an abomination. building on the valley would be acceptable.


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