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Our next stop was Zion National Park. We only had two hours to visit here but still had a wonderful time seeing this beautiful place! The tram system is great and runs all day long going both directions, so getting to each stop in the park doesn’t take very long. There’s miles and miles of hiking trails both for beginners and experts. We look forward to visiting this park again when we can dedicate the entire day to the visit, and hike the trails. We’d really love to get our feet wet and see the narrows!
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  1. DwinDEW
    DwinDEW says:

    We rode our Harley Davidson through "TWICE " a year ago!👍💖! Next time we go we're going to slow down and take more time to enjoy the trails 😊
    My comments when riding through were, " No theme park anywhere can compare with the ride"! Absolutely gorgeous!👍

  2. Paul Benedict
    Paul Benedict says:

    Abby and Adam, once you have been to Zion, you always come back for more. I have made the trek at least 5 times out of the last 8 years, always right about this time of year too. You will need to stay at least 4 days to get in all the easy hikes around Zion. Add in the moderate & strenuous hikes and you’ll have to double the time. Add in a few canyoneering routes and you might as well move close by Zion because you are hooked! Here is a link to my trip down the subway a week ago (July 30th, 2019)

  3. DizTraveler
    DizTraveler says:

    wow, so cool to see another person view of this == i was there back in the end of March, — I also seen where i stayed for several days…in the town of La Verkin….the town you could not recall….geez….this is like dejavu!

  4. WreckDiver99
    WreckDiver99 says:

    You and Abby might like the Badlands. I was there as a kid, and really enjoyed it. Out that way is also the Black Hills caverns, along with Mt. Rushmore and more. If you head that way, you might as well go to Montana and spend some time in Glacier. Yea, ok, you'll need a month…or three. 🙂

  5. John Strange
    John Strange says:

    Seeing mountains and canyons and cliffs is good for the soul. The sheer size, and knowing they've been there and seen it all, and will remain there to see it all can make our day to day struggles seems insignificant in a helpful putting things into perspective grand scheme of things kind of way.

  6. chris gill
    chris gill says:

    Fantastic Video..Went last fall for the first time to Zion..Did Angel's Landing and Weeping Rock as well..Plan on going back this fall and doing Observation Point if it's open..The place is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Wayne D
    Wayne D says:

    Long time viewer of your Abom79 channel. Hope you had a nice time in my home state. We love it down in southern Utah and spend many days there every year. You picked a nice time of the year to visit before the summer heat and tourist hit. Zion, while beautiful, is not worth going to in the summer months. 110 deg is not uncommon in the summer and the crowds are overwhelming. Popularity is killing most of our National Parks, especially in Utah. I love the Moab area, but it's becoming impossible to visit due to the high prices for hotels and shortage of camping spots. I'm a firm believer that reservations should be required at some N.P. to keep the crowds to manageable levels.

  8. Mike!
    Mike! says:

    The narrows hike in Zion is the coolest hike I've ever done, but it's not a winter/early spring hike. All of that water was snow a few days ago, the river is FREEZING this time of year.


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