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James Hutton was dead wrong!..The Earth is Biological not Geological as you will see in this video..Zion national park is mostly comprised of mudfossilized muscle and fascia as you will see with your own eyes..Geology has lead humanity down a rabbit hole away from the Creator himself….And God has revealed what the Earth and Heavens are really made of.Dead,decayed,mudfossilized biological upon biological…A tough pill to swallow……There are no texts that tell us what the Earth and Heavens are formed out of,not even the bible….Nobody seen this coming!..”.Fear of the Lord”
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  1. Suzanne Hartmann
    Suzanne Hartmann says:

    ​ Edward Anthony The question was what happened to the cover of the muscle which is called fascia. birds scavengers, wind, erosion same processes that happen today once the skin is removed. What removed the skin? Remember the flood? Two possibilities. Bloat causes cuts in the skin, marine life eats away starting there. As bodies are in water that is moving swiftly, it is banged around the skin can be removed. Once the water soaked body becomes exposed to the elements soft tissue is no longer tightly connected and is easily removed by the elements in places. I have watched this process repeatedly growing up in Florida with carcasses washed up in Florida on beaches. The advantage of growing up before the huge glut of people there now is that things were not sanitized immediately. I got to see with my own eyes how nature cleans up after itself. These days whether it is roadkill or an animal at the side of a creek or in a field no one sees how decay or scavenging happens over time. Somebody comes and takes the partially decayed body away to a rendering plant where it, any poisons in it and any viruses that survive the process end up in pet food along with dog collar material plus the poison used to euthanize animals at the vets office because those also survive the rendering process. So when you see the protein analysis on the dog food package realize where some of it came from.

  2. Gookster
    Gookster says:

    The earth 🌍 if it is an earth we live on must be humongous. It must stretch for hundreds of thousands of miles in all directions. We are hemmed in like animals on a safari park and beyond must be wonders beyond belief. Other civilisations other lands or worlds. Maybe other living souls a bit different from us. Maybe bigger taller or even smaller. Possibly different altogether, different cultures different vehicles or maybe no vehicles at all.

  3. Veritas Gravy
    Veritas Gravy says:

    You are FAR MORE entertaining and INFORMATIVE and even likable compared to that annoying AF boomer named Roger. He never leaves his room and claims to really know his stuff but many times will take an OBVIOUS man-made ancient structure and will say it is biological. I appreciate you sticking to truth

  4. bubbles bubbles
    bubbles bubbles says:

    @8:53 into your video you say here they are walking. In that scene of the mountain i see a gaints face, the eyes, nose, lips? Do you see it? Its AMAZING, wow we truly are living in Gods world, His Creation. Hidden in plain sight.!!


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