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Don’t take your kids to Zion National Park on college spring break!!

We hiked to the upper and lower emerald pools with our kids and a bunch of college kids jumped into the freezing water. We had to leave after that.

Zion Canyon is soooo beautiful. It is a great place to go hiking with your kids.

The Zion National Park Visitor Center is the coolest building ever!! It is passively heated in the winter and mostly passively cooled in the winter.

We had a blast with our friends at zion but make sure to watch out for those savage squirrels.

Steven and I love being parents. Teaching kids are the highlight of our life and we’re excited to share it with you. Meriden (5), Jeffrey (4), Ephraim (2) and Russell (baby) are hilarious and are constantly teaching us! Come enjoy and learn with us!
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