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Watch in HD! Aliah and I took a road trip to Zion National Park in Utah for Spring Break. The Narrows was one of two major hikes we did. Honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and I’m so glad I got to check this off of my bucket list.

Thank you to all the wonderful people we met on this trip, it was super refreshing to be surrounded by so many likeminded individuals with good hearts. Keep on keeping on.

Music: Stolen Dance-Milky Chance (fav rn)

Cameras: GoPro Hero 3+

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  1. Steven Dolci
    Steven Dolci says:

    Looking at 4K and 8K video's of Bryce Canyon Utah and Grand Canyon came accross Bree's post, good like higher resolution usually tell people never post any music I want to hear the people nature wind birds and water is like being there on big screen.
    A change I like Milky Chance Stolen Dance this one works. Good tune good choice I ripped it for my collection. Looking for a high res walk around inside island of Horseshoe bend, like it want to kayak it looks real nice down
    around that red rock, snake are a scare but. Good tune Milky Chance !

  2. ryu
    ryu says:

    Hello Bree, I just got back from Utah Zion park and I walked the narrows for about 30min before my feet almost froze.. I just thought this was a pretty inspiring video and I hope you get more subs, thanks!

    From: Arion, 11 years

  3. happeewallflower
    happeewallflower says:

    Hi! Thank you for posting this video. I always thought the Narrows was a whole day hike. How long did it take you to do the 3 miles before you turned back? Im planning on hiking Angel's Landing and then this. Not sure if it's possible to do in one day. Thanks!

  4. James C
    James C says:

    Hi Bree, Could I knock out Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day? How long is the Narrows Hike? is it a far drive from Angels Landing, will my little Honda Civic survive the roads or are they paved? Plan on doing it sometime soon while its warm out.

  5. Celine Lau
    Celine Lau says:

    hey great video! was wondering when you did the narrows hike? was it cold? i've been reading you need wetsuit for the hike but you guys seemed to be doing fine without! thanks!

  6. Destynie Tran
    Destynie Tran says:

    Hi Bree! Your video was the first I clicked on. How funny that it just so happened, this is one of my top favorite songs at the moment too! Weird. Anyways, I had some questions.

    Were you both wearing water shoes? Were you stable enough? Also, how many miles in did you both hike and was it from the bottom up (from the temple)? Or the top towards the bottom (starting from Chamberlain's Ranch)?


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