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Part 3 is the second day of hiking the Narrows from campsite #9 to the temple, shuttle to the visitors center then 4Runner retrieval from the Chamberlin Ranch trailhead. The photos at the end are courtesy of Jess’s son Jesse. See more of his hike photos on his Instagram page @jessmor3
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  1. ChrisfromFL
    ChrisfromFL says:

    Hey Colenel, Nice to see that you've gotten out on the trail again. I have just gotten over a 4 week rehab and rest from Planters Fasciitius and I'm in the processs of breaking in a set of $300 orthodics, seems to have really helped my situation, along with a change in shoes. One thing I may have missed from your previous videos it which program do you use to edit your videos? I just watched Frozen's video on this subject and it really gave me a bigger appreication of the time and efford vlogs go to in bringing they're trips to the masses.
    Thanks Chris

  2. Forrest Frazier
    Forrest Frazier says:

    Steve, good to see you hiking again. As I was watching your video I was following your description on Google Earth and can see the narrows… looks great! I can see your enjoying the move west!
    Take Care,


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