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Join us on Zion National Park Travel Guide as we explored the majestic rock formation carved by the Virgin River, took in the breathtaking view from the Canyon Overlook, and hiked the Emerald Pools.

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36 replies
  1. DR Dan
    DR Dan says:

    I drove that very same route to Zion, Bryce and the North Rim with my love almost ten years ago.  It is truly a beautiful area that should be on everyones bucket list.  So beautiful and different from where I live.  Years later I went on a bucket list motorcycle ride in Colorado and Eastern Utah to Moab.  Route 128 I think just outside Moab parallels the Colorado river with tall red stone cliffs.  You should travel it as the sun is setting against the cliffs.  The colors are none less than fantastic.  We raced around every corner just to see the next before the sun no longer shown on the canyon walls.

    RED LILY says:

    Thank you for hilighting my home in such a beautiful way…I got homesick when you showed the caterpillar…as a child I played with them for hours…always came home covered in red dirt…people don't realize how beautiful Utah really is!

  3. yukuhana
    yukuhana says:

    You did all that in 2.5 days?! Your kids must be very cooperating 🙂 I'm surprised they get to get on horse backs. Nice blog full of advice and tips! Thank you!

  4. Arashikaze074
    Arashikaze074 says:

    Hello Nami! I've been a subscriber for a couple years now and I really enjoy your content. I also think your tea time series is very interesting and well produced. Thank you for putting these videos up. I look forward to what you bring in the future!

  5. Chez Carolyn
    Chez Carolyn says:

    I love your easy-to-follow recipes! Being from the South Bay, a lot of the specialty ingredients are easy to find (though not the case in Eastern Canada). But, I did purchase an Instant Pot about a year ago after I saw a curry recipe. Thank you for your awesome content and for introducing me to the lifesaving appliance 😉

  6. Mie Mie
    Mie Mie says:

    Awesome video, looks like you covered all of Zion;) We were there 2 years ago in February, flew to Vegas and rented an eight passengers van to AZ. We took a detour to Zion and did a half day hike to The Narrow only. We should have stayed longer after watching your video. On your next outdoor adventure with your family, you must visit Horseshoe Bend and the Canyon Antelope, the place was just breathtaking and gorgeous!

  7. 현박제
    현박제 says:

    Oh my God Nami , it's an spectacular view of mother nature , I feel like watching this for whole day and to thank you so much to you and Mr. Joc for putting efforts in creating this amazing video , and I would be very privileged if I win the giveaway as it will always inspire me to show my passion for cooking food :D!!


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