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We’re visiting one of our favorite places on the planet: Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Zion was my very first national park, and the love affair it sparked for the great outdoors was a big factor in our decision to RV in the first place.

Although we’ve been to Zion many times, this is our first winter visit. One advantage of coming during the off-season is that there’s almost nobody there. We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived in Watchman Campground, so we employed our usual full-timers’ strategy of arriving early on a weekday. It turns out we had nothing to worry about, as we were virtually alone for three days, except for a couple of other RVs and a few intrepid tent campers (“intrepid” because the forecast called for a nighttime low of 10º F during our stay).

Watchman Campground has a decided advantage over many National Parks, as there are a decent number of big-rig-friendly sites, including some with 30-amp hook-ups, and even a few 50-amp sites.

We’ve driven both of our RVs through the Zion – Mount Carmel Tunnel during previous visits. If you’re planning to take your RV through the tunnel, be sure to check in with the ranger station first. Hours for oversize vehicles are limited, and a special permit is required.

When you arrive at the tunnel, they’ll shut it down to oncoming traffic, and you’ll drive your RV right down the middle of the road all the way through. It’s a pretty cool experience, although likely a little intimidating for a novice RVer.

We’ve always loved Zion, and think it’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. But the snow is like the icing on the cake, adding stark white to the palette of red rock, green trees and vivid blue sky.

We couldn’t have imagined Zion being any more beautiful than every other time we’ve visited… but it actually was.

Check out the video for a tour and overview of this magnificent, magical wonder of nature.

To plan your trip to Zion, visit the NPS website:

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36 replies
  1. Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo
    Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo says:

    We went there 2 summers ago. We made a day trip from taking vacation in Las Vegas. It was amazing and so beautiful. I'm so glad my friend that lives in Las Vegas told me about it. My kids said they loved this more than Vegas (I say kids, they're 25 & 29). I highly recommend this for anyone that is in Vegas.. take a day from the drinking and gambling and enjoy nature!

  2. Gabriel Aquino Junior
    Gabriel Aquino Junior says:

    It's my number one park! I went there in 2014 by my own and hiked to Scout Lookout. And at the end of this month I'll be in Zion again, now along my family! Thanks for sharing these breathtaking views and your experience during the winter time! I'm really looking forward to get there!

  3. Tim Monroe
    Tim Monroe says:

    Hey, I own a 2004 Newmar Kountry Star diesel pusher and I was wondering how you keep your tanks and our water lines from freezing when it gets that cold.. Yes I do have a basement heater or fan but I never been anywhere when it is 10 degrees.. Do you have heat tape or something on the tanks etc?

  4. D LG
    D LG says:

    Just, wow! I'm looking forward to beginning to visit the national parks as soon as possible. A class b RV is definitely in my future. What an incredible video guys. Thanks!

  5. Kathy S.
    Kathy S. says:

    Jaw dropping gorgeous! Have you guys ever made your way to Alaska? I live in Anchorage, so if you ever do, I'd be happy to provide you with tips. Denali National Park is amazing as well.

  6. Jerry Tillison
    Jerry Tillison says:

    What an amazing place and wonderful job on the video. I just told my wife we need to go here. I will certainly tow the motorcycle on this trip. Looks like great roads for riding. Thanks for sharing. 👍

  7. John Kreick
    John Kreick says:

    Looks great. Which park did you stay at and which entrance do you use. The east entrance looked a little tight for my 40' rig. We are towing a car so just need a convent place to park a few days. Will be there late April.

  8. John Bruce
    John Bruce says:

    You make great videos. When I visited Zion for the first time it was 1963. I was 11 with my family on a 3 month cross country camping trip. We were able to stop at the vista overlooks in the tunnel. I was there a year ago in the Fall, I certainly understand why that isn't done today, it is a very popular park.

  9. Travels with Yoly
    Travels with Yoly says:

    We've been to 35 National Parks and we made the mistake of being there in peak season (early July). The place was "slammed" ! It really takes much away from the experience so try to plan to avoid the enormous crowds if possible.


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