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Celebrating Zion National Park’s 100th Anniversary, November 19, 2019. Written by Hal Cannon and Greg Istock and performed live at the old Virgin Church in the footsteps of Zion Park. This song is part of “Live and Zion” album available at www.3hattrio.com. A portion of each CD sale will support the efforts of the Zion Forever Project to preserve and perpetuate a world treasure, Zion National Park.

Thanks to Scott Anderson, Zions National Bank for commissioning this celebratory song.The video was produced, directed and edited by Kukaloris at https://vimeo.com/kukaloris. Additional footage was provided by LOCAL and drone footage by Kurt Wilson. Dan Whitaker shot the video with help from Alex Santiago and Lex Azevedo. Thanks to Michael Greene recording and mixing the song with Joey Pederson.
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