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On my 5th day in Zion, I set out to see what kind of subjects I could find.

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35 replies
  1. Tien Tran
    Tien Tran says:

    Sir! I swear, your content deserve way much more sub and views! The detail of your shot is incredible Omg! That's amazing! I learn that you find a best shot in a very "normal" scenario!

  2. oddbjørn austevik foto.
    oddbjørn austevik foto. says:

    The shot at 0:27 has such subtle tones in it, almost like a painting. When I saw that I knew this one was gonna be good. Your image was fantastic Ben. Such detail, and such eye for detail. Well executed story as well. Needless to say, I liked the video!

  3. Adam Bolyard
    Adam Bolyard says:

    Gorgeous photograph, Ben! My wife, two friends, and I just left Zion earlier this week….and there are still glimpses of the fall red in some of the maple leaves if one is looking closely. It was a great surprise as winter hasn’t yet yielded to spring in the canyon. Cheers and thank you for the great work!

  4. Mike Franklin
    Mike Franklin says:

    Thank you Ben. Your photograhs are spectacular! I really appreciate the incredible effort you put in to making such excellent videos. The compositional thought process that you demonstrate is very helpful for other photographers. Keep shooting!

  5. andrew herbert
    andrew herbert says:

    That frosty leaves images is stunning Ben , don’t know how you stop your self from taking images every few feet in a place like that , I guess it’s the limited film ( and the cost ) and your amazing pursuit of quality and eye for a composition , I’d be running around like a madman snapping away like crazy , but then my images would be crap compared to yours

  6. Edgar J. Feliz
    Edgar J. Feliz says:

    Ben, it's the little details that make your storytelling different from most. Quicksand in winter would never have guessed. and awesome image can't wait to get it in the 2018 box set…Maybe bigger 🙂

  7. Eric Burke
    Eric Burke says:

    So quicksand is a thing in Zion? Have you ever gotten stuck in it in your trips? Very lovely image of the leaves, lots of details in the frost crystals. I gave my hand had shooting some medium format velvia this last week. Well I shot velvia 100 at 400 cause I forgot to change the settings. I hope they somewhat turn out. Anyways got my box sets in from you and they are fantastic. Very well done on those.

  8. Philip Culbertson
    Philip Culbertson says:

    I liked the frost image a lot. I did have a question. I notice that you always look at the image on a light box. Is that a transparency like slide film produces or is it the actual print that you place on the light box?


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