Buckskin Gulch

This amazing slot canyon has been said to be the longest in the nation. It is a great place to hike during the hot summer months when temperatures are in the triple digits.
The hike also includes several Pictographs from the Native American Indians that once inhabited the area.

Photographers love this area, with nice lighting for photos, and several narrow sections that create an amazing way to capture the cool slot that Mother Nature has formed through millions of years!

Overnight camping is NOT available.

This tour usually take about 3 to 4 hours of total driving time, and the area can be hiked in 2 to 5 hours depending on how comfortable you feel, how far you would like to hike, and how safe we are especially during hot summer months. This area will require about one gallon of water per person during the summer times.

This is an area that CAN NOT be hiked after rainstorms. The slot gets filled with deep mud and lots of water. We always have to plan a few days ahead for this trip to keep an eye on the weather.

This is overall a Moderate/Easy hike for anyone able to walk over uneven rocks, and sections of sand. Some area have small obstacles, and sometimes water and mud from rainstorms, and there is one area that requires some help getting down and back up into the slot canyon (About a six-foot drop off) Guides should have a rope for helping!

Permits Required

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