Know Before You Go

Important Information to Know While Preparing for Your Adventures!

Driving to the locations

Most of the tours require several hours of traveling round trip. Many do have very comfortable 4 wheel drive vehicles with Air conditioning and Heaters to keep our clients comfortable during the drives, but be sure to inquire.

Some areas require driving off road for several miles and can be very bumpy and require guides to engage the 4 wheel drive to get through deep sand and dirt roads with deep ruts, mud, and obstacles.

Food & Drinks

Tours usually include energy type snacks and extra water, so it is important to bring any type of drinks you would like other than water. Most carry coolers in the vehicles. Alcohol is NOT allowed on many hikes, but feel free to ask the tour company.

Water is vital on such adventures. Most people will require about 1 gallon of water during the hot summer months.


Stops are commonplace before tours, at the local sandwich shops and such – for you to purchase a sandwich or salad to take on our day tours, or you can bring your own lunch. Coolers are normally provided to keep them cold and fresh.

If you have dietary needs, always speak with your tour guide company so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


This area of southern Utah and Northern Arizona is known to have several types of weather conditions, including extremely hot days with temperatures above 100 degrees (37 degrees Celsius) during summer months.

The area also gets rain storms that can appear quickly (Micro Bursts) and create some dangerous flash flooding conditions. Usually, the guides will keep an eye on these conditions and will always keep safety in mind and may have to alter the hikes according to weather. Fall and winter conditions can vary from sunshine to snow and blizzards.


It is important to bring a good Day Pack for all hiking activities. A hydration type pack (Camelback) is always an ideal way to carry extra water, snacks, and clothing.

It’s not uncommon to request a stop at the local outdoor retail store before the hike if you would like to purchase one.


Be sure to be prepared with the right type of clothing. Extra layers of clothing with moisture-wicking first layers, some gloves, and a winter type hat are a great idea during the cooler months, and light-colored breathable clothing is recommended for the hot summer months.

Some good hiking boots or shoes with a nonskid type sole. Sunscreen is also a great idea, with a large-brimmed hat and some good sunglasses for the summer sun.